FISIP 2021 International Class Lecture with Spuntik News Agency and Radio

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of Udayana University held an International Class Lecture with Sputnik News Agency and Radio on Friday (12/11) through a virtual zoom meeting. There are two themes raised in this international class lecture, namely, Media Evolution and International Communications: Uniting Diverse Experience. The International Class lecture was attended by around 140 Udayana University students.

Sputnik is a global news agency and radio broadcaster that is part of the Russian media group Rossiya Sedogya. Spuntik through its website already operates in 32 languages. Spuntik also broadcasts analogue and digital radio which has spread to more than 90 cities around the world and provides news in various languages, namely English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and Persian. Spuntnik Pro is a project organized by Sputnik International News Agency and Radio which is intended for students who are interested and want to learn about the world of journalism.

The International Class lecture was filled with two outstanding speakers who discussed the two themes discussed in detail with Tatiana Kukhareva as Deputy Director of Foreign Language News Production at Sputnik News Agency and Radio and Vasily Pushkov as Director of International Companies Sputnik News Agency and Radio. In this international class lecture, the two speakers gave their views on the new information war and the deformation of journalistic ethics and standards.

The purpose of holding this international class lecture is to provide enlightenment and sharing about the world of journalism in the world, especially in Russia. The students were also actively involved in the seminar by asking questions to the speakers. “I think the international class lectures held by Udayana with Sputnik are very interesting. I say this because based on the material that has been given and the questions asked, I have gained a new understanding of how media developments affect communication and the importance of international cooperation between countries.” said Raphael Alvin, a student of Communication Studies FISIP Udayana University batch 2020.