The Communication Science Student Association is holding AsIk 2023 to welcome new students

Denpasar, 23 December 2023 – Dozens of new students from the Communication Science study program at Udayana University took part in the 2023 AsIK Peak activities organized by the Udayana University Communication Science Student Association (Himanika). This event is the closing of the AsIk 2023 series which has been held since November 18 2023. With the theme "Recognize Your Potential as a Communication Person in Facing the Era of Disruption" participants are expected to be able to recognize their own potential as a communication person. AsIk Peak Day 2023 was not only attended by participants, but Udayana University Communication Science lecturers were also present to enliven AsIK 2023 Peak. Mrs. I Dewa Ayu Sugiarica Joni, S.Sos., M.A as Head of Communication Science Study Program at Udayana University was also present at the event. and officially opened the 2023 AsIK Summit.

The peak of AsIK 2023 was held at the Subak Teba Majalangu Educational Tourism Tour, Denpasar, Bali. Using the Reo Truck, AsIK 2023 participants departed for their destination location accompanied by a group companion. In this series of events, participants are required to track the posts prepared by the committee. There are five posts guarded by the committee. Each post contains games that require group cohesion. To go from one post to another, participants are required to solve the clues given by the committee at each post. After tracking, participants are invited to clean themselves and rest.

At the end of the event there were awards for lecturers and participants. For participants, there are six categories in the awarding, namely Men's and Women's AsIK 2023, Best Assignment, Most Unique Twibbon, Best Group, and Best Yell. Meanwhile, for lecturers, there is only one category in the awarding, namely Favorite Lecturer, which was won by Mrs. Ade Devia Pradipta, S.E, M.A.

Before the participants were sent home, the peak day of AsIk 2023 was closed with a photo with the participants and also the committee. With the end of the entire AsIk 2023 series, it is hoped that all participants and committee members who attended will be able to get to know each other as fellow communication people.