Romanticizing Life Through Batuan Talk "My Overthinking Story"

As well as commemorating World Mental Health Day which falls on October 10 2023, KKNT FISIP Unud students held a work program in the form of a talk show with the name Batuan Talk. Carrying the theme "My Overthinking Story", Batuan Talk this time is here as a forum for Batuan village youth and teenagers to share their complaints in life which cause them to think about things excessively and repeatedly.

The event, which was located at Puspa Aman Batu Village and was attended by approximately 30 Batu Village youth and teenagers, was also guided by one speaker who had close experience and history with mental health. Not only listening, but participants were also invited to interact by writing down 3-5 things that made them always overthink. Then later the notes will be read out and solutions and input will be provided by the speaker, who will then be able to provide new views to the participants so they can change their excessive thinking points of view.

Not only that, the Batuan Talk participants were also presented with several fun games as an icebreaker and a medium for relaxation. The enthusiasm of the participants can also be seen from how the participants burst out laughing while playing together with the other participants. In the future, with this Batuan talk, the participants who attend will be able to romanticize life by living and accepting what happens in their lives without needing to worry too much about it that is not necessary. and can change their overthinking into motivation in life.

"This Overthinking Story event was designed as a manifestation of World Mental Health Day. We students who are undergoing KKN-T Batuan 2023 want to open our eyes together, especially young people in Batuan Village, that mental health cannot be underestimated. Our hope after this event "This means that we, the younger generation, can know more about what is happening to them and not use mental health as an excuse not to develop themselves," said Genta Mahardika as chairman of the Batuan Talk 2023 committee.