The Public Administration Student Association Holds a Clean Up by Practicing Higher Education's Tri Dharma through Community Service at Sakenan Temple

(2/9/2023). The Environmental Care Room 1 (Sensitive Room) activities have been held by the Public Administration Student Association which is located at Sakenan Temple, Sesetan, South Denpasar, Bali. Ruang Peka 1's activities carry the theme "Gana Siddhi Bhakti Buana" which means Achieving Perfection Through Devotion to the Earth/Nature, with the activity concept used being "Care for the Environment, Creating Change" where it is hoped that this activity can be useful and have a real and sustainable impact on Sakenan Temple. This service collaborated with Public Administration Lecturer, Mr. Dr. Komang Adi Sastra Wijaya, S.S., M.A.P as the Chief Executive of Community Service.

Ruang Peduli Lingkungan Sekitar 1 (Ruang Peka) which was held on September 2nd  2023 which was attended by Mr/Mrs lecturers from the Public Administration Study Program, Serangan Traditional Village Parties, and Public Administration Students. The purpose of holding the Ruang Peka 1 activity this year is as a form of real contribution from Public Administration students in the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely community service. Where through this dedication it is hoped that it can foster a sense of concern and sensitivity of Public Administration students towards the environment outside the campus so that they are able to establish harmonious relationships between students and the community.

Ruang Peka activities are carried out by carrying out a clean up (Cleaning Action) in the Sakenan Temple area. This activity began with remarks by Dr. Komang Adi Sastra Wijaya, S.S., M.A.P as the Chief Executive of the Service as a form of inauguration of the holding of this Community Service activity. This activity was followed by distributing clean-up location points so that the clean-up process runs effectively and efficiently. There were several students who swept the Dalem Sakenan Temple area, picked up rubbish, and put it in trash bags which were then collected together.

This activity was continued with the handover of rubbish bins and cleaning equipment as well as the handover of certificates by Mr. I Putu Darmanu Yudartha, S.Sos., M.AP as Coordinator of the Public Administration Study Program and Mr. Dr. Komang Adi Sastra Wijaya, S.S., M.A.P as the Chief Executive for the Sakenan Temple. The closing agenda for Ruang Peka 1 2023 activities is by holding a group photo session. It is hoped that this sensitive space activity can provide benefits to the environment, society and students themselves.