Fisip Clean Up is one of the work programs of the Community Service Department of BEM FISIP Unud which is held regularly every year. After last Saturday, March 27, 2021, FISIP Clean Up Vol. 1 which is located on Biaung Beach, Denpasar. So on Saturday, May 22, 2021, FCU Vol.2 has been held in the Mangrove Forest Area, Pemogan, South Denpasar. FCU Vol. 2 times it takes the theme "Reward For Nature". Adjustments to conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic were carried out by limiting the number of volunteers and also implementing health protocols. FCU Vol. This 2nd time working with the ByeByePlasticBag Bali community. To continue to comply with the health protocol, the committee provides hand sanitizer. FCU Activities Vol. 2 is held from 07.50 WITA until finished. This activity was attended by the committee, volunteers, and ByeByePlasticBag volunteers who will carry out cleaning in the Mangrove Forest area.

Open Recruitment for FISIP Volunteers Clean Up is done before the event is held. Volunteers who took part in this activity consisted of the committee, representatives of student organizations within FISIP Unud, representatives from each study program at FISIP Unud, representatives of BEM PM Udayana University, and ByeByePlasticBag volunteers. To avoid crowds, before the day of the activity, volunteers were divided into ten groups, each group consisting of committee and volunteers. The ten groups were coordinated by the FCU Vol. 2. This division is also intended so that the environmental cleaning of the Mangrove Forest can be carried out thoroughly. 

Preparations have been done carefully and in accordance with the time table that has been set. Starting from the making of event rundowns, pamphlets, open recruitment, certificates, and also other preparations related to this activity has been carried out well.

 There are two series of activities that have been running smoothly. The first series on May 21, 2021 is an online socialization by Bye Bye Plastic Bags @byebyeplasticbags and the second series is a real action on May 22, 2021, namely environmental cleaning in the Mangrove Forest area, Pemogan Village, South Denpasar. Technically on the H day the Committee was present at 06:00 WITA to prepare everything that would be carried out on that day. Volunteers came at 07.15 WITA. The division of groups and data collection of participants through the absent link is carried out by the committee on duty when volunteers come. Friendly weather conditions when doing cleaning. Fisip Clean Up Vol. 2 with the theme "Reward For Nature" was successfully implemented by all committees and parties who have assisted in the implementation of the activities